5 Easy Home Remedies To Soothe Your Dog’s Itchy Skin


Is your dog constantly scratching because of itchy skin? We found some of the most effective remedies for your itchy dog that are already in your home.

We always feel sad for our poor little pups when they are constantly itching. These remedies are easy, effective, and already at your fingertips. In addition to taking the DIY route, you might consider a daily supplement to help your dog’s skin and fur.

Olive Oil

Take your favorite cooking oil and add it to your dog’s food! Olive oil is great to use when cooking, but it’s also loaded with antioxidants and vitamins E & K that can replenish your dog’s fur coat. Two to three times a week, try incorporating one tablespoon of olive oil in your dog’s food. This addition can help sooth the problem of your dog constantly scratching, while also helping his or her fur grow thick and shiny.

bottle of olive oil on a table


Before you start feeding your itchy dog yogurt, please make sure that it is plain yogurt with no sugar or additives.

Plain and probiotic yogurt keeps good bacteria in your dog’s tummy. This home remedy can help their immune system and protect them from skin infections and yeast infections. We recommend an oral supplement of 1 teaspoon of yogurt for small dogs and 2 teaspoons for big dogs, a few times a week. You can also mix it into their food if you would like.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many benefits for you, but did you know it can help your dog, too?

This is an easy way to relieve your dog’s itchy skin. Mix a 50/50 solution of apple cider vinegar and water to put on your dog’s skin. A spray bottle or a sponge works well, but be careful to avoid getting the solution on any wounds or raw skin because it will sting your pup. If your dog is constantly scratching, you can use this method daily until the itch goes away.

Itchy paws? No problem. You can soak your dog’s paws in the 50/50 solution for up to 5 minutes.

Coconut Oil

If you don’t already have coconut oil in your home, get some! You and your itchy dog will benefit from it.

Coconut oil is a great moisturizer when applied topically, but it can also be given orally to help boost your dog’s immune system. To relieve the itching, you can apply coconut oil directly to your dog’s skin. This will help moisturize and soothe your dog’s skin. You can find coconut oil for your pet here:

jar of cocont oil

Shop Coconut Oil


This remedy takes a little longer, but the benefits are worth it! With use, this remedy can keep your dog from constantly scratching.

If nothing else is working for your itchy dog, we hope this oatmeal bath can resolve all your problems. An oatmeal bath can help relieve itching and soothe your dog’s skin.

To make an oatmeal bath, grind up the oatmeal into a powder using a blender or a coffee grinder. Put the mixture in a tub full of warm water and try to soak your dog for 15 minutes.

We hope these home remedies can relieve your dog’s itchy skin and make them more comfortable.

Still Looking For The Right Itchy Skin Cure?

If you are still looking for products to help with your dog constantly scratching, check out our Dog Skin Care items at dogIDs or you can also try some over-the-counter allergy medicine.

About the author:

Denille was a Product Marketing Intern at dogIDs while she studied marketing at North Dakota State University. She has three furry nephews and nieces and one human niece that she is obsessed with. One day she hopes to have a Boxer of her own!

  1. Wonderful read!

    I do have one question thou, which type of yogurt do you recommend the most?

    Low fat? Regular? Probiotic?

    And one more question, do dogs benefit from bacteria culture which is present in the probiotic yogurts?

    I am wondering since these yogurts are made for human use 🙂

    Great article, looking forward to your reply! 🙂

        • Honestly I am not a vet but do eat healthy and research everything. There is not enough probiotics in any yogurt to benefit humans or animals. I’m sure probiotics and prebiotics help although dogs have a shorter digestive tract than us.

          Research independent laboratory testings. Homemade sauerkraut is easy and loaded even in the refrigerator section only at the grocery. A small amount of the juice for dogs …….but then again my dogs eat many different things…raw or cooked. Research is a must tho. Even commercial dog food……shudder…..is changed often.

          Balance over time. Different foods have different benefits. Most itchy skin issues are a yeast problem along with ear problems.

          The reason I’m here is or must be a flea allergy. Pretty mad about the fleas too. Feral cats around here … long story but had no problems in 14 years here and not until 4 weeks ago. Hate poisons but even used Frontline which doesn’t work anymore I have found out from my vet.

          Anyway, had to comment on probiotics. I make kefir water, Kombucha, sauerkraut and yogurt which has more probiotics and no sugar.

      • just came across the advice on itchy remedies. You have no idea how much this has meant to me and my lovely old geriatric sweethearts. MaggiePie is 20 – deaf with one blind eye but still very active. Kim is 10 completely blind but happy with her lot. They scratch or chew absentmindedly all the time. Have found the vinegar and water treatment has made huge difference and have introduced bran oil to their food. I make their own food by cooking up brown rice with mixed lentils then when water all but absorbed put in a pile of finely chopped fresh veggies and herbs then finely chopped up chicken necks. Fold all this through while the rice is still ticking over then turn off gas and leave sit for about 5 minutes. The veges and chicken necks don’t cook but are softened enough that they will eat everything. soon as it cools I bag meal sizes and freeze. The oil added to this at dinner time twice a week is a great idea.

        thank you Belinda

        • This is a modified BARF diet and is excellent. You can look up the proper proportions of meats, but be sure and give RAW organ meats as well (5% of total food given). Dogs do not need meat at every meal nor organ meats. They only need to AVERAGE their diet.

          Look up BARF diet and figure it out. I make one month to 6 weeks supply and freeze daily amounts in baggies all packed into weekly baggies.

          • Laura, If they lick it off that’s fine, it will kill the yeast growing in and around their mouth. They will keep moving it from their mouth to their feet then to their ears and back again. Anywhere you can get the vinegar on them is good.

    • My 8 yr old min German schnauzer has had itching, reddish skin & hair loss about two yrs now. I have used organic, cold press coconut oil. Tried mineral oil, bathed using baby oil shampoo with lavender, oatmeal shampoo & vet recommended shampoo. Changed her dried dog food 3-4 different brands & ingrediates. Added hormone powder, digestive enzymes & salmon oil into the mixed food bowl. She has more energy then before. Her body odor is very smelly & some of the lower skin underneath between rear legs turned black. I certainly could use some advice about a cure fix.

      • I knew someone who moved down south fyi Missouri. There dog was allergic to the grass here! The doc subscribed some allergy pills and her symptoms went away. Sounds like your pooch may be having a allergic reaction to something. I’d have her tested and hopefully you can get to the source of the problem. Bless her heart. Its got to be just as miserable for you as much as it is your pooch as well. Pray y’all get better soon :

      • Trader Joes has a great goats milk yogurt for $5.99 for a big tub. My dog gets it for breakfast most mornings and loves it.

  2. How much oatmeal should I use and what should the water height be on the side of the tub for miniature long, hair chihuahuas?

    • I have an oatmeal conditioner I got at the vet’s and I just leave that on my lil shorkie after her bath. I also put salmon oil in her food every night. Winter is always worse. I use wet food at night that has probiotics in it too.

    • Just remember, If your dog is allergic to grains, Oatmeal is a grain. I’m not sure why they are suggesting that you wash your pet in the very thing they are allergic to.

  3. If i give my dog the apple cider to drink to help itchy skin will it have the same effect as spraying on her coat?

        • Apple cider vinegar is good to put in your pets water. It repels fleas, and helps eliminate yeast problems. My dog is too smart, he smells or tastes it and refuses to drink it now so now I am going to try to put it in his food.

        • If they will drink it there are many benefits. Small amounts. It must be apple cider vinegar with the mother. Benefits humans too. Great for a hair rinse and skin issues along with cleaning ears

          • Sorry but can you explain what apple cider vinegar (with the mother) means pls? I’m unsure what what it means whether it’s a brand, with the mother or if your referring to something else. I’ve recently discovered there’s so many uses for this amazing versatile product, it never ceases to amaze me. Do you know if each brand is the same or are there better ones than others. Thank you?

          • I think she’s just referring to Bragg’s but no, brand shouldn’t really matter. ACV does so many great things but getting them to take it could be tough.

    • You can add All Natural Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar in their food.1/4Tsp.per 10 lbs of your dogs weight. It helps balance their internal acidity, helps with UTIs, helps with excess anal gland secretion, helps against fleas, etc., etc., etc. Look up Dogs Naturally and Dr. Becker DVM (holistic vet) on Mercola Health for other suggestions.

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  5. Thank you so much for your easy home remedy suggestions.
    Ive coconut oil i use myself so will try on my very itchy lil furbaby.
    Vets & I not sure why she is so itchy tho. ???

    Keep up your great work. ?

    • just remember coconut oil is hight in calories and can cause weight gain surprisingly quick so reduce the food quantity some. I learned this the hard way and had to put my dogs on a diet after the first month of use.

  6. We have a small dog 20lbs and would like to try giving him olive oil to help with his itching. what is you suggesting for olive oil? virgin extra virgin or just plain old olive oil?

  7. I guess read all the articles on your page. I have a two-year-old white bejon poo, who is 12 pounds. We took her to the vet today and he says her ears are fine. However at night she is scratching constantly. I would like to try the Oil. Do I leave it in overnight. Do I wash it out ?
    Thank you for having this blog

  8. Coconut oil works for my pitty she has whatvtgey call herditary mange that flares up from time to time the coconut oil really helps I put it in her food and massage it into her skin/fur in the effected areas

  9. I have a mixture of tea tree oil, vinegar and coconut oil in a spray bottle that I use as antiseptic for sores on my horses hooves. Would it hurt to try the mixture on my dog for the severe itching and raw skin?

    • I have just read a fb alert put out by a lady who put tea tree oil in her new diffuser. After using it for a couple of days her dog went “weired” was how she described him. Her dog didn’t recognise her, was confused & wobbly & was hiding under her bed. She took him to the vet and was told that the tea tree oil is toxic to cats and dogs and can cause liver & kidney damage. They had to put him on a drip to flush the toxins out and that was from just breathing in the air from the diffuser. The dog got better in a few days and fortunately made a full recovery. the vet said that there’s been a huge increase in pets being poisoned from essential oils due to their popularity & diffusers being used. They said, applying tea tree oil to a dog or cat can burn their skin and also tounges from licking it off their coats. I’m guilty of doing the same thing ( using a diffuser with essential oils) & not realising it could harm my pets. There are a list on the net which will tell you which oils are toxic for pets. My dog suffers intense itching too & have have been trying everything to help him. Look up & have a read about “stay loyal” original, Aust made dry food. This stuff gives you a ? money guarantee, no questions asked without having to send the packet back if your dog doesn’t like it. I’ve been doing a lot of research trying to help my boy & what this guy has to say makes sense. They were the only ones to get 5 stars from an independent dog food product review. Sounds like I’m being paid to promote but can promise you I’m not. I actually met a fellow that had 2 jack Russell’s like mine & we got talking, I asked if he’s dogs had any skin & itching problems and he told me about the food. He told me since he’s been using it, his dogs itch & skin have healed up& they are off the steroids & cortisone for the 1st time in years. He was lovely and dropped me off a little bowl to see if my fuss pot would eat it, he did amazingly. I’m waiting on my 1st bag to arrive. The guys that make this food talk about getting your dogs gut right & building up their ammune system which has been in the news a lot for us humans too. He has done a lot of research for a very long time & what I’ve learnt from him makes a lot of sense. They have free trial bags too but you have to pay the postage. Sorry for the long story but I know the heart ache of seeing your dog tourmented by itchy skin, scratching, no sleep, no relief. Hope this helps in same way & you find some relief for your little one. Thank you.

      • We just put our little12 year girl down on valentines day the same thing happened with her and i did get a diffuser for christmas. THE middle of jan she started acting strange, drinking alot of water and then refusing to eat. i will have to look into this thanks for the info write me back if you get this. THANKYOU

      • Thanks a sandy for the share. I have a Chihuahua / Jack Russel mix and itches and licks himself a lot. What exactly is the name of this dog food you are referring to. I’d really like to give it a try.

      • This brand uses by product meal as it’s first ingredient and main source of protein. I won’t feed my girl by products.

  10. What about mineral oil? I have that at my house instead of coconut oil but is the effect the same? Or does it need to be coconut oil to work? I have a female pitbull-husky- dingo mix and she is itching severly on her legs and back side

  11. I use the water and vinegar mix with vegetable oil and lavender essential oil and peppermint essential oil and it helps with the itch but never thought about coconut oil I’ll try that instead of vegetable oil

  12. The recipe is 1c.water , 2c.vinegar, 2tsp vegetable oil and 1tsp peppermint essential oil. 1tsp lavender essential oil

  13. I went through a whole bottle of olive oil and it did nothing my dog skin is so bad though so that might be why but I believe it made my dogs skin worst

  14. The ground up porridge oat bath worked a treat 4/5 inches of warm not too warm water – one cup of ground oats pour all over dog be careful not to get in eyes or ears. Massage dog and keep pouring the solution over them . Do at least 15 mins. Let water out of bath and rinse dog well before rubbing dog down .

    I did this once a week for a month then once a fortnight for the next month and now once a month. I saw results after two baths !

    Will now try coconut oil in food as well . Will let you know how it goes !

  15. As far as the apple cidar vinegar goes, am I suppose to wash my dog, dry him and then once he is clean spray him with the apple cidar vinegar and water mixture?

  16. I plan to try several of these hints. I did take him to the vet in the Spring and he gave him a cortisone shot and that helped a lot but he is still itching some.

  17. Well I’m gonna see just how good the olive oils gonna work i just started trin this remedie today i hope it works my pup looks miserable and I’m tired of watching him have to bite and dig at it cuz it itches hin so bad i hope it works as good as evry1 says!! But does ne1 know exactly how long it takes to start working and stops the itchin on my puppy?????

  18. I think my dog’s itching is seasonal – it is the WORST every year at this time. He is a 25 pound Shiba Inu. He blew his coat about three weeks ago (which this breed does 2Xyear) and now he is so miserable with itching, biting, and watery eyes. Will any of these remedies work better than another for allergies? I already consulted with my vet and their first solution was benadryl, that doesn’t seem to be doing much, and so the next step is to prescribe something – I was hoping to manage it topically and not with ingesting medications.

    • Your dog wouldn’t happen to be a pyrenees.When you said he blew his coat, I immediately thought of my dog who also has terrible skin problems itching for 4 months out of the YEAR im at thepoint where ill try anything, poor girl is so uncomfortableitbreaks myheart! Awzys lookingfor advise, good luck. Andrea

  19. Great tips chica!!! coconut oil is amazing and so is apple cider vinegar. I been using it for the last 2 years and it definitely has . helped my dog during allergies season tremendously. 100%recommended.

  20. […] As the dog is paralyzed and unable with their senses in some parts of the body, he might not realize any cuts or injuries while dragging or pushing him. These reductions may become severe if not taken care of! He may get the infection because of open wounds or lose his blood. In such situations, never ignore even the small rashes, marks, cuts, or sore parts. Contact the pet doctor as soon as possible and ask for the solution. […]

  21. Hello. I have a 1 year old Bullmastiff and Redbone mix male dog. He itches so bad that he has his skin tore up. No he don’t have fleas. Its almost like he has eczema I don’t know what else to do. All he does is itch . god please tell me what I can do. Thank you for yr help and time

  22. I’ve just come across using coconut oil for a dog’s itchy skin, too soon to tell if it will help my pooch but it sure is making her smell nice, even her bed smells of coconut!

    • I was wondering I’ve read everyone’s blog, and could it also be their food intake, and maybe allergies, I mean who doesn’t, right! I guess is my Doxie experienced everything I read here, just saying with doing sum research talking to your vet, and foremost, keeping a daily journal on your pet, it doesn’t need to be long. Just to the point, what he ate how he looked how he felt, and give it awhile, then hopefully you’ll be able to write down, positive things, he is clearing up, the redness is going away, he is starting to show signs of not itching himself so much. And fur is coming back…. I was always told as well, it’s how you feed yourself on the inside, then in turn you’ll have a proper, shiny outside…

  23. I’ve tried viniger/water/steeped lemon mixture, for itching and also to get rid of fleas. I also put coconut oil on my chihuahua’s back. All remedies working so far. But can I put the coconut oil in his food for itching as well? I also have a Yorkie that itches, she is the reason I would like to know about putting coconut oil in her food, instead of her long coat, and if so, how much do I mix in their food?

  24. HI everyone, I have a 3 year pit bull who has sever skin issues I have been to vet after vet and the steroids only help for a short period of time. Chubbs gets these bump that are like a pimples that you can see under his coat and he will itch them to the point of bleeding. Also when I give him a bath in Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo his skin seem to get worse. I just want to cry because I know he is in pain but everything I do doesn’t seem to help. Please can someone give me suggestion to help chubbs from itching madness of pain.

    • Hi there,
      Sadly we are not experts on this, but we do know that our office dogs have found success with their skin issues when adjusting their diets. Have you tried switching your pet’s food?

    • We have the same exact problem with our Pitt. He’s 3yrs old and itches and chews himself constantly. We use fishMox and his fur started growing back but only have tried diet change and coconut oil and that has NOT worked at all. Going to try the cider and see how it works and Omega3 fish oil next. But it just hurts to see him suffer so badly and nothing working.

  25. hey this is akriti..I think my dog has a severe itching due to which it have become very sick and lacking in energy so can giving it milk can be beneficial or special treatment is requires

  26. Thank you for this excellent discussion
    We have a cairn terrier with seasonal allergies (she had been getting cortisone shots twice a year) who started itching out of season i.e. all the time. We found this blog and tried the oil (we rubbed it in) the yogurt every second day and most successfully I think the oatmeal bath once a week. I wanted to add something we discovered ourselves that worked surprisingly well particularly at the beginning before things started to improve. Clothes! We are not dog outfit types but we had a jacket for very cold weather that I put on her in desperation to protect her skin from being damaged by her nails or her secret scratching posts. To our amazement she stopped scratching when it was on her and slept soundly all that night. We rushed to order a cotton hoodie that would allow her skin to breath better and over this past week everything has improved. Skin is less dry (oil?) less itchy (oatmeal bath or yogurt maybe) and we take off the hoodie for longer and longer every day. Thought I’d add that suggestion because it’s worth trying anything that will make them more comfortable. Thank you all for your help

    • Update
      On our 3rd week. Situation has continued to improve. Still on yogurt every 2nd day and oatmeal bath once a week. I brush her more often now too forgot to say that. Sleeping soundly in her hoodie every night and is clothes free for most of the day. Thank you giving this blog all the credit.

    • Mary – I hope everyone will read your excellent post above. I think you have hit on a very promising approach to a lot of the itching problems. For me, the lightbulb went on when you talked about the clothes. I also recently discovered that my chihuahua stopped itching when I put her coat on. I bought her light cotton hoodies to wear in the summer & the itching stopped. So today I’m beginning a new regimen, giving her a teaspoon of plain yogurt every other day, rubbing coconut oil lightly into her skin 2-3 times a week and giving her an oatmeal bath once a week. I’ll experiment with removing the hoodie over time. Always before, I’ve tried one remedy at a time, but never a series of them TOGETHER AT THE SAME TIME. I believe you have hit on the perfect COMBINATION to help our furry friends. I’ve tried so many different things without long term success but you have renewed my hope of solving this problem once and for all! Thank you!

  27. Great tips! I am really surprised about the olive oil and yogurt solutions! That oatmeal bath sounds wonderful, I hope the dogs can stay in that warm water! My dog had itchy skin sometimes, especially during the winter months, I wish I would have known about these!

  28. Rex Stewart
    Hannah I have a Shih Tzu dog 5 years old. She scratches all the time. The vet has given her shot after shot. Nothing seems to help. I take apple cidar vinegar myself so tonight I’m going to try this on her. Thanks for your help.

  29. Thank you so much for all these suggestions I am going to try them all. I have a 15 year old poodle cross Bedlington who is scratching licking and biting so much his skin on his undercarriage is black. I have put him on a hypoallergenic diet with natural yoghurt and cod liver oil and its so upsetting not giving him any treats but I am so trying to help him stop scratching. The steriod injections used to help him but the last one hardley worked and made him wet all the time even in his bed.

  30. I have an Old English Sheep Dog who itches all over. I shampooed him with shampoo that is supposed to help, but he still itches all over. He has fish, olive oil, garlic etc in his diet as has been recommended. I live by the ocean and my try letting him get wet in that, but the sand will stick. Any suggestions? I also noticed he is loosing hair, but that may be because he is scripting and bitting.

  31. I have German Shepherd and she is 6 months old and is always biting herself a scratching herself. I been reading all the suggestions. How long will take before the itching stops for my poor fur baby if I use the vinger and water?

  32. I have and 10 year old boxer Bella. She is suffering with smelly body. skin itching and scabs and scratching everywhere. I have had her on prednisone, antibiotic, anti fungal Benadryl and special ear cleaners prescription dog wash grain free food and just the latest we have tried Salmon omega pills, apple cider vinegar and a gnc anti bacterial and anti fungal spray. I am desperate. My husband seems to think we should put her down.

  33. try the coconut oil on her skin and a light weight cotton shirt so it has time to soke in and does not get all over everything. coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal. hope it helps

  34. While most of the causes of our fur babies itching is due to a hypersensitivity disorder with canine atopic dermatitus being among the most commom . There are parasite allergies,bacterial and yeast and ear infection,food allergies, so many its hard to know without doing an extensive once over on the pet. I would just like to give my pet a bit of time for relief, there is an injection you can get. Its very expensive and lasts only 4- 8 weeks. The relief your pet gets to me is worth the money. Even only for a month or 2 I feel if theyve been non stop itching for a long period this would give the poor babies a rest from it all. My Shepherd will be getting one soon and at 85-90 lbs it will run me $100-150 from the research ive done. The med is called Cytopoint. It relieves the itch the dog feels for a period. Instead of this ongoing try this or that i would rather let my baby relax from the digging she does everyday 365….. this will let me start at the beginging of making all as clean and do as much as i can to stop this constant digging. My male had this and it was at that time a dif injection but we d get it for him and usually with the regimen of things done when he got it and stopped the itching we d have it licked for a while…. come to find out his was due to flea bite dermatitus. 1 bite from a flea and all hell came upon us. The itching started and just got worse and worse. I do give frontline gold. Wash bedding every week vac twice a week and discard the bags after and spray with knockout after vac. How that 1 flea got thru it all i dont know but always did. I hate fleas they virtually cannot be killed unless u keep on it. Life cycle of every 21 days. 1 can have up to 50 a day. They have been the biggest thorn in my side for years and years. We’ve become rather close in the past years and i-tend to know them very well now but their still a thorn….right now for the next month I will be trying 2tblsp of local unpasturized honey on my girl . Its sup to help her immune system get used to the local allergens we have around here so she is able to build up immunities towards them. We shall see..

  35. What is the best food that will help. I have 2 yorkies, one itches all the time and is miserable, I’ve tried everything. I’ve changed her food but it didn’t help.

  36. I have a 14 year old stizuh l rescued him 10 years ago but recently he is itching bad l tried coconut oil seemed to make his skin red and itch worst help?

  37. I have a 16 year old border terrier mix and she sheds and itches like crazy! I tried to coconut oil and it helped. Our friend also recommended to use CBD Oil from Paws Elite.

  38. Consult your vet before starting any skin care regimen for your dog, and stop the treatment if your dog’s symptoms remain the same or worsen.

  39. One of the best ways of making sure you’re taking care of your dog naturally. It’s incredible how much this diet can help promote good health and a quality of life for your dog!

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  42. Since the baby’s skin is soft, therefore, will it be OK to use the baby’s shampoo for a puppy? It’s not regular – sometimes if we don’t have dog shampoo at home.

  43. Hi everyone! Go back & read Mary’s February 3rd, 2018 post. I’m trying it right now. I believe some of these remedies used in combination in a regimen will give us better results than using them one at a time. What do you think?

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