8 Ways to Memorialize Your Loved Pet


September 13th is National Pet Memorial Day, which hits home to anyone who has lost a loved animal friend. Whether its been 10 days or 10 years, losing a beloved pet is never easy. My family’s dog, Katie, a black Australian kelpie and greyhound mix passed away in April. Every time I go to my parents’ home I feel like I can hear the jangle of her tags and wish she could sleep with me one more night. We had so many good memories that I decided it was time to commemorate her and acknowledge the loss that we had.

Edinburgh castleWhat prompted this thinking was a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. What a long way to travel for a wake up call! When in Scotland, I visited the Edinburgh Castle where they have a dog cemetery that is built into the remains of a medieval tower and has been used as a burial ground for officer’s dogs and regimental mascots since the 1840’s. That is an exceptional way to show appreciation for the dogs in Scotland’s military. It had me thinking of ways that we can memorialize our loved pets, like my Katie, that would showcase the love they bring out in us.


8 Ways To Reminisce Loved Pets:


1) Mini Me Statue

This may seem like an odd one, but at my house we have little ceramic statues of the four pets that we have lost, three cats and Katie. When we get a new pet we look around for a small statue that looks like them to have at the house. Right now Katie’s collar is placed around her mini me. The statues symbolize their place in our hearts and they get to put the stamp of approval on it if you get one when your pets are still alive.

2) Clay Paw Print

We see our pets’ dirty paws over every surface, so why not get something to remember their exact print? When I was young, my dad extended our concrete patio in the backyard. The only reason I remember this is because my brothers and I were able to create hand prints in the wet concrete. I wish I could go see it now since my brothers and I are all grown up. This made me realize what a nice keepsake it would be to have a clay paw print from your pet. It is a small keepsake, but would easily move with you, unlike a section of concrete patio.

3) Paintings/Portraits

Dog lying outsideWe all have a favorite picture of our beloved companion, so why not have an artist take that picture and turn it into a painting? You can get a pet portrait, slate or acrylic, full painting, or even something funny! It all depends on how you want to remember your furry friend. Shhhh, nobody tell my mum though! I just decided this is what I am getting her for Christmas, so I will have to keep her away from this post.

4) Photo Book

When you have a pet, sometimes you take more pictures of them than anyone else! Why not take all of those photos and create a photo book? My mum does this every year for the me and my brothers and it is really cool to have that physical representation of a year gone. Next to the photos, you can also write about what you loved about your pet. Activities like this can help to get the feelings off of your chest when you lose a beloved pet.

5) Shadow Box

Once your pet is gone, they have all of their leftover belongings like toys and collars. A cute project to do with your family would be to grab all of their favorite things and put them into shadow box. You can also insert pictures, a clay paw print, your writings about them, and many other things. The options are limitless. It is a good exercise for you and your family to do together that can really focus on the positive memories of your pet.

6) Burying

What do you do with your pet once they are gone? We decided to bury Katie since there is a pet cemetery that we used to run by with her everyday. I would take her on walks there too and thought it was the perfect place. You can find a pet cemetery near you or bury in the backyard to keep them close. Once you do bury them a good way to remember the spot and their lives is to plant a bush, flower patch or tree, bringing life from their time with you.

7) Decorate an Urn

Another option is to cremate them and put them in an urn. Decorating an urn with pictures, or the like, is another activity that can be cathartic. This helps us let go and grab the most unforgettable memories we have. You can either choose to then bury the urn or keep it with you as a remembrance of their love.

8) Contribute to a Charitable Organization

Dog sitting on the floorThis is a great way to give back. When you have lost a loved one, helping other pets in need can help get you through your grief. We rescued Katie and now I am fostering dogs while they wait for their forever homes. It’s very rewarding and helps me when I am missing her. You can’t help but love the pets that come through shelters and the experience of helping them is healing.

Have you lost a treasured pet? How have you memorialized them? Tell us in the comments below. 

  1. Finding that pet cemetery at Edinburgh Castle was one of the highlights of my trip to Scotland as well! I have almost the same photo that I took on my visit. I do have some paw print casts of some of my pets. I have a shoe and tail hair from my horse of 30 years. The other thing I do, I buy special urns, and a cremains necklace for each of my pets, kind of like your “mini-me’s”. They *are* part of our family, aren’t they.
    Elizabeth and
    Vladimir BB-Brain Shadow-Cat
    Poohbear Cuddles Mom-Cat
    Calyssa Picker-Toes Foster-Cat
    Serendipity the rescued Pit Bull
    Padfoot the rescued Husky Mix
    And Rainbow Bridge Angels
    AQHA Shorty “Eternal Ember”
    TWA Mid-Knight Piper
    So-Lei Puppy-Cat
    Trillian Quacker-Cat
    Tatinia Toon-Cat
    Cassandra Me Too-Cat
    CGCx3 Sienna Smile-A-Bull

  2. I turned our Corgy mix rescue Tillye’s galvanized bathtub into a fountain and painted Tillye’s Tub on the side. Makes me smile every time I turn it on.

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