Dog Won’t Swallow Pills? Pinterest to the Rescue!


How to Get Your Dog to Take Meds

Taking pills is awful no matter who you are.

Think about it.

Dogs, a species that enjoys eating its own poop, cringe at the thought of swallowing pills. Thankfully, Pinterest offers tips on how to be the [dog pill] Master of Disguise.

5 Ways to Make Your Dog Swallow Pills

From hand feeding to traditional pill pockets, a variety of methods exist for getting dogs to take pills. While there are no guarantees that these will work for your dog, all of these have been successful in tricking even the most stubborn canines.



Method 1: By Hand


  • Have dog sit upright
  • Open dog’s mouth
  • Drop pill into mouth
  • Carefully massage throat to get dog to swallow


Method 2: Powder + Peanut Butter



Method 3: “Meatballs”

(via eHow)

  • Form 2 separate balls from a can of wet food, like meatballs
  • Put pill into center of one ball
  • First feed dog un-medicated ball
  • Then feed dog medicated ball
  • Gloat because you were sneakier than a ninja in a soundproof room


Method 4: Hot Dogs


  • Cut a piece off a hot dog
  • Place pill inside
  • Feed to dog
  • See a picture guide here


Method 5: Pill Pockets

This is the sophisticated cousin of hot dogs and meatballs, but pill pockets can be expensive if you buy them from a store. Here’s our favorite homemade pill pocket recipe that your dog and wallet will love!

The Simpleton


  • ½ cup milk
  • ½ cup crunchy peanut butter
  • 1 cup flour

Mix ingredients together. Form into pockets and store in fridge/freezer. Yield: 30 pockets

Good luck!

We hope you find this guide helpful. If you’ve got any other secrets or tricks on how you get your dogs to take their meds, feel free to leave a comment below!






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