All I Want For Christmas is a Dog.


As a 25-year-old, all I want for Christmas is my first dog. Please, Santa, please send me a fluffy puppy to call my own!!!

Oh, wait. I can’t…I live in an apartment that isn’t dog-friendly.

So Santa, change of plans. Can you send me these gifts instead?

Gifts For The Dog Lover Without A Dog

If I can’t have a dog, I’ll settle for an adorable t-shirt that reminds me just how much I love dogs. Get a variety of shirts for the dog lovers in your life

These shirts are great for a quick easy gift for your friends that are “floofless” (that’s my word for fluffy puppy-less). Made from a super soft cotton blend, these will quickly become your favorite t-shirts.

What’s that Santa? You don’t know my shirt size? That’s ok, I’d love a new coffee mug.

Dog themed coffee mug

These coffee mugs have the perfect funny phrases to start the morning off right, whether your thing is coffee (like me), tea or hot cocoa.


Need one more gift idea, Santa? I’ve got you covered. This holiday season I would love to give back.

Gifts That Give Back

Until I can get a pup of my own, I would love to help one in need. This gift will help a puppy get the vaccinations and food that they need. This way I can rest easy knowing there is a happy dog out there, thanks to me.

This holiday season, please remember to get something for your friends that always snuggle your pet, but can’t have one of their own.

Happy Holidays


Hannah (the future pet parent of at least 3 dogs)

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About Hannah Savoy

Hannah used to be the Marketing Manager at dogIDs before heading on to new opportunities. She spends most of her time focused on emails, digital ads and social media. Hannah is a dog lover and can talk for hours about her furry nephews and nieces. She hopes to have a furry friend of her own very soon!


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