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BendiBrush Grooming Tool 

Once upon a time, there were three friends who all wanted to improve the lives of dogs. Betsy had a dog named Charlie, an adorable Havanese, who hated grooming. In fact, he was scared of it. Grooming time turned into a very traumatic time for both Charlie and Betsy. All three friends agreed that grooming should be a relaxing and fun time, and that is how they came up with the BendiBrush.

A Little Bit About Mary

We got the honor of talking to Mary, who took part in making the BendiBrush, along with her two friends. She has experience in animal care, pet sitting and grooming.  She said that when she got certified in grooming, she understood the process of grooming so much more, not just for the groomer, but for the dog as well. Mary has a huge passion for dogs and focused that energy into creating the BendiBrush.

The Perfect Brush

Mary and her friends had  one mission, to make every dog happy. That’s the biggest reason why we love working with them. They put so much effort into designing the brush to get the concept and shape just right. The bendable body of the brush contours around all areas of the dog’s body. Multiple heights of brush teeth makes for the perfect recipe to remove excess undercoat. They also made the teeth round so that it is smooth and glides on the dog. No more brush aversion! The shape of the brush was made so that regular dog moms and dads can hold the brush comfortably! With all these ingredients, they created a perfect brush, the BendiBrush.

Hair removed with the BendiBrush during dog grooming
The BendiBrush removed an incredible amount of hair from Avery, a black lab!

Wait…Grooming can be enjoyable?!

The moment they realized that they had gotten the brush right was when Charlie didn’t run away! At first, he was a little frightened, but as soon as he realized it was enjoyable, he sat with them willingly and officially loved grooming time! They have tested the final product out on plenty of dogs, and along with Charlie, they all love it. The brush is not designed for a specific breed, it is made for all breeds! How pawesome is that?Dog being brushed with Bendi-Brush

Older Dogs

At dogIDs we love improving the lives of older dogs, which is another reason why we fell in love with this brush. Mary had an older dog who unfortunately passed away, which made her very conscientious of older dogs, so she made sure that the BendiBrush is friendly to dogs every age. They designed the brush to be easily maneuvered around the dog so that you wouldn’t have to bother them and move them around so much, but it could get the mats, tangles, and dander out proficiently. The brush makes the process very efficient because it can get the legs, neck, back, and everything else, all at the same time!

We couldn’t be happier to sell such an amazing product that benefits the lives of dogs. Mary and her friends picked out this brush carefully with love, and we couldn’t possibly find a better brush to sell. The BendiBrush makes grooming time truly enjoyable and makes everyone involved happy, especially your little fur babies!

What part of grooming does your pet like best? 

About the author:

Denille was a Product Marketing Intern at dogIDs for a year and she just recently switched over to a Customer Service Internship. She spends her time making customers and their furry friends happy and studying Marketing. She has three furry nephews and nieces that she is obsessed with. One day she hopes to have a Boxer of her own!

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