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dogIDs Partners with ReevooThe team at dogIDs is excited about its new partnership with Reevoo, an independent review service company. At dogIDs, we believe in only providing the best products for man’s best friend. That means, knowing what our customers think of our  products is very important to us.


dogIDs Reviews

Soon, as you are shopping at, you will see reviews and ratings for our products from previous customers. Did they like the quality of the leash? Was the collar easy to put on their dog? How was the engraving? You’ll read all about it right from the source that matters most: other pet parents like you!


Reevoo takes its responsibility to provide independent reviews very seriously. We can join the conversation about a product, but we cannot pick and choose which reviews or comments will be visible to shoppers. That’s right, we have no ability to edit what our customers say. That’s how much we believe in our products and your right to know the truth about what you’re going to buy.

To bring it all full circle, after you have your favorite new pet product at home, you can do your own review. We all know the value of sharing pet product reviews, training techniques and advice within the pet parent community and this is a great way to do it. You can also share your review with your friends on your social networks if you want to spread the word about a product that’s really helping your family and pet.

As of now, we’re the only personalized pet product e-retailer in the country using this independent review system from Reevoo. It’s another great reason to shop at and join us in our quest to only provide the best for man’s best friend.

We have always valued honest reviews and have worked with an independent review company in the past. Our new partnership with Reevoo is going to bring you more feedback from customers in a way that’s easy for you to find when you’re shopping and make it fun and simple for you to share your thoughts with your friends.

Any questions? Contact the dogIDs customer service team for some truly pawesome assistance.

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Sarah Klaphake is an author for the blog. She has a cat named Luca (ragdoll/siamese mix) and a dog named Max (yorkie-bichon mix). She is passionate about helping pet parents find information and products that will make their lives better.

  1. Thank you so much for a wonderful first experience! I love the collar I purchased with the engraved buckle! This was a great purchasing experience and I will be sure to order from Dogids next time!!


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