Personalized Reflective ScruffTag Dog Collars



Reflective ScruffTag Dog Collar

Reflective ScruffTag collarIf function is your top priority, our Reflective ScruffTag Collars with a built in personalized name plate are the ticket, no noisy hanging id tag! A high visibility and reflective collar with a custom laser engraved nameplate built in. Highly visible in daylight and at night. Plus it’s water proof, odor proof and VERY tough!

Each collar is made with extremely durable BioThane poly coated nylon webbing and ALL corrosion proof hardware. BioThane strap is made in the USA and outperforms by far the other poly coated webbing products on the market. It also holds its properties in all ambient temperatures and will not crack in severe cold weather.

Each collar is made with a built in stainless steel name plate which we engrave exactly to your liking. No dog tags to install, no attachment hardware to worry about and the nameplate is always right on the back of your dog’s neck for easy identification…On the scruff of your dog’s neck where it should be!

About Clint Howitz

Clint is the Founder and Pack Leader at dogIDs, which started in his basement in 2005. Clint is a lifelong dog lover with a passion for developing functional and beautiful products for dogs. ...


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