How To Put On A Dog Harness


Using a Step-In Dog Harness

A nylon dog harness is something every dog should have. They are a great tool to use when walking with your pet. Here are 5 steps to correctly use a step-in harness.

Before we start…

Do you have a step-in harness? No? Check out our variety of harness at dogIDs here. Our step-in harness is available in an embroidered style or with a personalized buckle. Don’t forget to measure your pet so you get the perfect harness for your best friend! 

Step 1: Place the harness on the ground, so that your pet’s feet are in between the nylon straps.

Place the nylon harness between your dogs feet.

Step 2: Move the harness up and clip the buckle together.

Connect the buckle of your dog's harness

Step 3: Adjust the tri-glides on the harness so it fits your dog comfortably.

Adjust the straps so your dog is comfortable.

Step 4: Attach your leash to the two rings located above the buckle.

Connect your leash to the harness

Step 5: Go for a walk!Dog on a walk with a harness on

Now that you know how to correctly put on the step-in dog harness, your walks will be more controlled.

What’s your favorite harness to use? 

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