Is Feeding Dogs Coconut Oil Okay?


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Is feeding dogs coconut oil okay? What kind of coconut oil is best for my dog? These are all questions asked by pet owners who adore their four-legged friends and want them to be healthy. Keep reading because dogIDs has the 411 on feeding natural coconut oil to your pup.

The Benefits of Coconut Oil from Dogs

Is feeding dogs coconut oil okay? You bet it is. You should not, of course, feed them large amounts of the stuff at once. As with any type of fat, even a healthy fat, too much of it is potentially unhealthy. You don’t want your pooch to pack on unnecessary pounds. Overweight dogs not only run the risk of canine diabetes and heart disease, but, in certain breeds, obesity can result in hip problems and joint issues.

The good news is that dogs don’t need a substantial amount of coconut oil to reap its advantages. A tablespoon or two is all it takes. A bit of coconut oil will help your pup’s digestion, while also improving the health and luster of their coat, preventing infection, maintaining thyroid health, and supporting their immune system. The oil can even help with weight loss. Dogs who have dry or sensitive skin, hot spots, or similar issues will benefit from healthy, hydrated skin.

Serving High-Quality, Nutritious Food Is Essential

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Serving your dog healthy, highly nutritious food is the secret. You can buy dog food that contains the appropriate amount of coconut oil, or you can prepare it yourself. If you’re now asking, “what kind of coconut oil is best for my dog?” then you’re already ahead of the game. The answer is fairly simple. As long as the coconut oil is derived from a healthy, ethical source, your dog is fine.

Homemade Dog Food with Coconut Oil

At dogIDs, we offer more than unique ID tags and the best collars for your best friend. We know that their health and well-being is essential to you, so we’re pleased to share a wealth of knowledge about nutritious food options. You may ultimately choose to make your own dog food, which allows you to know exactly what’s going into your pooch’s belly.

Create a variety of foods packed with protein and healthy fats to satisfy your dog on the daily. You can make tuna balls with tuna, rice, eggs, spinach, and a bit of coconut oil as a binding agent. A tablespoon is ideal for softening peanut butter-based food and snacks. Give your dog a delicious protein scramble that includes turkey, eggs, peas, and carrots, with the coconut oil mixed right in with the other ingredients. Anytime you ask, “is feeding dogs coconut oil okay?” just remember that less is more.

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  1. Good for them, but as usual in small amounts , Be careful with whole coconut pieces make sure the husk scraped and is hair free if giving them a piece , I think raw feedings very good but a lot of messing about if times short , and expensive if done right , Ive a friend who feeds raw , chicken wings etc and his dogs are 17 and 16 and look younger than they are , for me buying quality biscuits is the one for me , high meat content and no digest or derivatives especially as there are chemically rendering down done with most of these cheap foods .Extremely bad long term for dogs ……My motto is when checking dog food ingredients , If i wouldn’t eat it neither will my dog .

  2. And I’d avoid tuna , its got a high mercury count for dogs so i would be vary sparing with tuna as dogs cant take much of mercury without being poisoned , and its put me off tuna also , ive read some bad stories about dogs with mercury poisoning .


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