Meet the Office Dogs


Each day as the dogIDs door opens a very important event takes place, the daily “pet me” hello from our office dogs. Since we say hi to them every morning we figured it was time we introduce them to you!

Meet Cece aka Office Begger



Drooling on humans when they have food

Chasing lasers

More begging


Meet Piper aka Office SpazPiper


Playing with her BFF Emma

Running laps in production

Sneaking out of her dad’s sight

Eating socks



EmmaMeet Emma aka Office Clown


Stealing chairs

Whining when no pup will play

Greeting visitors at the door

Stealing attention from her brother, Odie




Meet Ody aka Office Fun Police 


Giving kisses without warning

Whining for his human when she is out of sight

Being an adorable mix of mutt that no one can guess

More kisses


RiverMeet River aka Office Spokesdog & Certified Napping Expert


Tricking humans into playing fetch

Getting butt scratches

Sleeping on his chair

Being the face of the company



Now that you’ve met the whole crew, be sure to tell us about your pack in the comments below! 


About Hannah Savoy

Hannah used to be the Marketing Manager at dogIDs before heading on to new opportunities. She spends most of her time focused on emails, digital ads and social media. Hannah is a dog lover and can talk for hours about her furry nephews and nieces. She hopes to have a furry friend of her own very soon!


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