Don’t Let Grief Win: Ideas On How To Memorialize Your Pet


The worst experience that any pet owner goes through is the loss of their beloved animal. Whether the death comes as a shock or is expected, coping with the death of an animal can be hard. At the very least, you can be comforted by the fact that your pet loved you until the end.

There are many ways you can keep their memory alive. These tips will not only help keep your pet’s memory alive but also help with the grieving process.

Ideas On How To Memorialize Your Pet


If you need the support of others when grieving, volunteering can be perfect for you. Shelters always need the help and the animals are always grateful for more attention. Not only will it help you process your recent loss, but it also will create a wonderful tribute to your pet by helping others. Animals also make the best listeners and will attentively listen to your stories about your previous pet as long as you pet them.

Engrave A Grave Marker 

When my first pet passed away, I was just ten years old and wasn’t exactly sure how to deal with it. My older sibling carved my cat’s name on a rock and created a little memorial grave for my beloved pet. When I would become sad over his death, I would simply go to the engraved rock and talk to my pet. It made me feel better and helped me deal with my grief.

Having a physical place to go and remember your animal can be therapeutic and help you cope with your own grief.

Create Jewelry From Their ID Tag

Most of our furry companions have a tag on their collar with their name and information. After your pet passes away, take that tag and create a personal necklace or bracelet from it. Not only will it be a unique jewelry piece, it will be small enough to keep a piece of your pet’s memory with you at all times.

Write a Blog Post

Chances are, there are many pet owners going through a similar loss. Writing about the process will not only help you get your grief out in a creative way but will also resonate and help others that read your post. If you don’t feel comfortable having your writings be public, then write about your grief in a journal.

As a writer myself, writing is my go to when I’m feeling overwhelmed. The task of writing helps me process my emotions and creates a way to rid me of my anger in a nonviolent manner.

Create a Legacy

Create life from their passing by planting a tree in the memory of your pet. The tree can be a reminder of the wonderful life that your animal had. The tree will symbolize a new life or birth in the midst of tragedy and grief. As the tree grows and blooms, your grief will slowly melt away and the tree will become a tribute to your pet’s memory.

Start Scrapbooking

One of the best ways to remember the life of your pet and help with your grief is to create a scrapbook. The scrapbook could contain any memories you’d like from pictures to anecdotes to mementos. These items could be registration papers, pictures, a charm from your pet’s collar and more. This is a wonderful way to keep your pet’s memory alive long after their passing.

If you like the idea of memorializing your dog in a book form but don’t feel like crafting, you can also get memorial storybook that features a cartoon dog in the likeness of yours.

Create Pet Artwork

Have your favorite photo be turned into a canvas you can hang on your wall or look at custom pet paintings so you can always remember your furry loved one.

Light a Candle In Their Honor

Not the creative type? Simply lighting a candle and thinking about your furry companion can help you cope with their passing. Every time you think of your pet, light a candle. The lighting of the candle will allow you to stop and reflect upon your pet and the life they lived.  Sometimes all we need is to just stop and process the emotions that are coursing through.

Memorial Jewelry

Cremation or memorial jewelry is becoming a popular option with animal owners. Memorial jewelry creates a beautiful way to commemorate your pet’s passing with a stunning piece of jewelry. Most memorial jewelry pieces have the option to engrave a personal message creating a personal and special memorial.

Painted Necklace from dogIDs

We know that death is a necessary evil in life and that the loss of a loved one is one of the toughest experiences anyone has to go through. Remember everyone deals with their loved one’s passing in their own way. Choose the option that is best for you.

About the Author

Mira Alicki is a jewelry designer and goldsmith for the past 22 years. Her passion for animals led her to create her own line of jewelry and online store to benefit charities. 40% of each purchase is donated back to the animal community. You can find Mira on Twitter (@FIMHjewelry) .

Mira Alicki

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  1. I like the idea of engraving a grave marker so you have a physical marker for your pet. We usually bury our pets in our backyard, and I think it might be nice to create a garden in that area so it is a nice place to go and remember them. Thanks for these great ideas.

  2. I agree with your idea. I tried to do some activities after the Pet Cremation in Seattle but when I got home, I still remember Coco, our dog who passed away last month. What I did is, in my 2nd week of grief, I cried all day. I’ll make sure I don’t have tears any more if I remember him. Then move in other city, I want to help myself to recover and Thank you to my family, they are very supportive to me. And also to The Pet Loss Center- Seattle, for the immediate action.

  3. My sister’s cat died yesterday, and she is devastated about this since she thought that her pet was about to give birth successfully to a litter, only to find that her cat had lost so much blood for giving birth to premature kittens, and she lost them all. Thanks for the idea that she can memorialize her by creating a stunning piece of jewelry that will help her remember her companion without having to go to a pet cemetery to do so. I think I’ll suggest to her to have the memorial necklace personalized so that she’ll be able to put a good message on it.


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