October is Adopt-A-Dog Month.


Many people have heard the phrase “Adopt, don’t shop” as soon as they mention that they would like to get a dog. But have you ever wondered why people feel so strongly about this phrase? October is Adopt-A-Dog month. This month become a pet parent to an animal in need.

Adopt A Dog Month

Every year 5-7 million dogs enter shelters. The average age of shelter dogs is just 18 months.

Dogs are sent to shelters most often because the family is moving.

Not all shelter dogs are mixed breeds! In fact, 25% of shelter dogs are purebred.

There are many breed-based shelters. So if you’re looking for a certain breed, check those out!

Just 1 in 10 dogs will find a forever home. Adopt a dog into your home this month.



For help finding a new pup to join your family check out your local shelters, or sites like Pet Finder to help you.

About Hannah Savoy

Hannah used to be the Marketing Manager at dogIDs before heading on to new opportunities. She spends most of her time focused on emails, digital ads and social media. Hannah is a dog lover and can talk for hours about her furry nephews and nieces. She hopes to have a furry friend of her own very soon!

  1. We adopted our second dog last month. He is about 16 months old and a very shy and scared sweet boy. Slowly he is learning to trust us. but knows to come to Mom when he’s scared. He hates for me to leave the house, but now knows I am coming back and is happy to see me. We will love him forever. We don’t know the beginning of his story, but we know the end of his story will be with us!!!


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