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According to ASPCA, there are approximately 7.6 animals up for adoption every year.

7.6 million animals looking for a forever home.

7.6 animals in need of our help.

dogIDs believes that every dog deserves to be happy.  Although you might not be able to adopt a dog, you can still help.  


Our Sponsor.Dog program features adoptable pets that are located at shelters around the United States. We know it’s impossible to tell how long a dog will be up for adoption before they find their forever home, so we wanted to do something to help.

With Sponsor.Dog you can buy a variety of pet products that will be sent directly to the dogs waiting to find their forever home.

When you select a dog, a variety of products will appear based on the dog’s personality. These products range from treats, toys and even collars! When a dog is adopted we add another featured pup so they can receive products that will make their life in the shelter even better.

A percentage of your purchase goes back to the shelter as a monetary donation.

With your help, we can make a difference to improve the lives of dogs. Donate a product today.

Renner was a great shelter dog to work with!

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About Hannah Savoy

Hannah used to be the Marketing Manager at dogIDs before heading on to new opportunities. She spends most of her time focused on emails, digital ads and social media. Hannah is a dog lover and can talk for hours about her furry nephews and nieces. She hopes to have a furry friend of her own very soon!


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