Stay Safe From Summer Injuries


Summertime means fun in the sun, hanging out at the lake and more outdoor time. While summer is a great time to have fun outdoors, pets can be easily injured from such elements like heat and insects.

Common Summer Injuries

Over Heating

Dog’s body temperature is naturally higher than humans. This means that they cannot cool down as well. It is important to avoid hot pavement and leaving your dog in a hot car.


Eyelids, ears and noses are most to get burnt. Make sure to apply dog-approved sunscreen to the ears, nose, belly and groin.

Bug Bites and Stings

Pets are prone to getting bites on the nose and tongue. Multiple diseases can be transmitted to your dog from bug bites. It is important to watch for allergic reactions if your dog comes in contact with dangerous insects.

To stay prepared and aware of these injuries, check out this nifty infographic for more information.

Keeping your dog safe in the summer

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