The Best Products for the Most Popular Dog Breeds


Every dog has a personality of their own. Products that are perfect for one dog might not be the right fit for another. Keeping this in mind, we consulted our furry customers to find out which products work best for certain dog breeds!

The Best Products for the Most Popular Dog Breeds

Retrievers (Labradors and Goldens):

Golden and Labrador Retrievers really need no introduction. They have been 2 of the most popular dog breeds for many years, given their obedient personalities and athleticism.

These dogs have an affinity for fetch. And by affinity, we mean obsession. So, naturally, we’d recommend getting them a durable, hard-working ball.

We love the Jive Eco-Friendly ball by WestPaw. It is made from recycled materials, floats in water and is super durable. Plus, with its odd shape, it bounces all over the place, keeping your dog entertained for hours!

Eco-Friendly Jive Ball
Our spokesdog, River the Lab, loves his Jive ball.

Most retrievers also love to swim! Our favorite collar for pooches that get wet is the Waterproof Soft Grip ScruffTag Collar. It is water and smell resistant, so no matter what your Lab or Golden gets into, it will stay as good as new.

Waterproof ScruffTag Dog Collar

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are a beautiful, hard-working breed. They are incredibly smart and athletic, making them a favorite for Police K9 and other working dog roles. In addition to working and service dog products, we’d recommend a few different products to make life with a German Shepherd a little easier.

German Shepherd in Nylon ScruffTag Collar

German Shepherds have a few breed specific health concerns, including an increased risk for bloat. To help prevent bloat, we’d recommend a slow-feed “Not So Fast” bowl for mealtimes. It slows down their eating and digestion, which can help minimize the risk of bloat.

Not So Fast Slow Feeder Bowl

German Shepherds also have fairly thick coats that need to be brushed out regularly. The Bendi-Brush Grooming Brush works great for dogs with a thick coat.

Lastly, if your German Shepherd works hard every day, they deserve a comfortable supportive bed for their naptime. We’d highly recommend an orthopedic dog bed for German Shepherds, as they have a propensity to have joint problems and hip dysplasia in their senior years.

German Shepherd On Orthopedic Dog Bed


Beagles are an intelligent and energetic breed. They have been known to be a little stubborn and can get into trouble when bored.

Beagle in Trouble

We’ve had great luck keeping mischievous dogs busy by filling up a Zogoflex Tux Toy with their favorite treat, whether that’s peanut butter, dog food or frozen fruit. Trying to dislodge their tasty treats can keep your Beagle busy and out of your hair for a good half hour at least!

Zogoflex Tux Toy
Check out this super durable toy!

Since Beagles are a bit on the smaller size, we’d recommend getting them a lightweight dog collar with a little personality. The Embroidered Nylon Dog Collar really fits the bill. With hundreds of color combinations to choose from, your Beagle’s personality will shine easily if they wear this collar.


If you have a Bulldog, you know that they love to sleep.  They are happy, calm dogs that just want to snuggle up with you at home. With a Bulldog, you’d be wise to get a couch cover or cozy blanket just for your pooch.

Bulldog sleeping on covers

Bulldogs also have a lot of neck space for some bling! With their short hair and excess of neck, we’d recommend going with a Padded Leather Dog Collar. This collar has extra padding so it’s nice and comfy and is a bit wider than our standard collars.

Padded Leather Dog Collar
Check out these Padded Leather Collars!

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are probably one of the cutest dog breeds out there! Small in stature and big on personality, most Yorkies like to dress to impress.


Italian Leather Collar on Yorkie

We’d recommend outfitting your Yorkshire Terrier with an Italian Leather Dog Collar. These collars size down really well for small necks and come in tons of pretty colors. In the cold months, your Yorkie might also need a cozy sweater to stay warm and happy.

Small Dog in Classic Sweater
See our cute dog sweaters!

What’s your dog’s breed? What kind of products have you found that work well for them? Share in the comments below.

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