The Importance of Dog ID Tags


It may seem like a no-brainer, but having ID tags for your dog is incredibly important. Most dog owners would agree that having identification on your dog is important, but a study done by ASPCA in 2010 found that while 80% of pet owners thought Pet ID tags were important, only 33% of them said their pet wears an ID tag all of the time.

Here are a few reasons why we at dogIDs think

ID tags are important to your pet’s well-being:


When bringing a dog into your home, most cities require you to give them the necessary vaccinations and register the pet with your city. This will help you stay up to date with your dog’s health care needs and assist animal control in identifying your pet. While many cities will distribute their own tags for license numbers and vaccination information, dogIDs often makes tags with licensing information for customers looking to order a higher quality engraved tag that’s easy to read and long-lasting.

dogIDs Signature Paw Print Tags are fun and incredibly durable!
dogIDs Signature Paw Print Tags are fun and incredibly durable!


The most common information customers choose to have engraved on their dog ID tags is their contact information. Ultimately, having your phone number on your dog’s ID tag is the best way for animal control, a neighbor, or a passerby to return your dog to you if they should run away or get lost. Many owners choose to include the dog’s name on the tag as well so that they can be called and comforted if they are lost and out of their comfort zone.  Bottom line: If your dog is lost, you want whoever finds them to know that they have an owner who wants them back. This will prevent your dog from being sent to a shelter unnecessarily.


Many ID tag orders come through dogIDs that mention a dog’s health issue. This may be an allergy, medication need, or something more serious like a deaf or blind dog. It’s important that those interacting with your dog know if there is a health issue they need to be aware of.

Pet Parents are responsible for their dog’s safety and well-being, so having an up-to-date ID tag on your dog is the responsible thing to do. Here at dogIDs, we have a variety of options for all breeds and personalities of dogs. We have our Traditional Metal Pet Tags that are easy to read and durable, our Rivet-On Nameplate or Scrufftag Collars if you want your dog’s identification to be attached to collar (they’re a great way to get rid of the jingling tags or prevent the loss of your dog’s tags), and a variety of Unique Designer Tags for something a bit more fun. No matter which style you choose,  the important thing is that your dog is identified to keep them safe, happy, and healthy!

  1. That makes sense that an ID verifies a dog’s required vaccinations. I just got a pup, so I have to take her to get her shots. I let her out often, so I can see how an ID would help in the worst case scenario that she gets distracted and wonders off


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