Treat Your Pooch for Valentine’s Day

Five puppies eating from dishes


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so why not treat your pet to something special too? We have many different ideas for gifts for your pet and they are probably your easiest valentine to shop for anyway!

Will You Be My Valentine

  1. Valentine’s Day Fabric Collar Bow Tie


This bow tie is the perfect accessory to dress up your furry friend on Valentine’s Day. This collar bow tie is both stylish and affordable, making it the best gift for your dog.

  1. Personalized Collar

We have so many different options for high quality personalized collars for you four-legged friend. We have ones for the extremely active to the tech savvy owner. These are great, especially if you don’t like that jingle of pet tags, but still want your dog’s information on them.

  1. New Leash

One of our customers’ favorite leashes is the English Bridle Leather Leash. It’s a classic-looking leather leash and feels amazing in your hand, you can see why it’s a customer favorite. Okay, maybe this gift would be more for you ?

  1. Brand New Dog ID Tag

Treat your dog to our brand spankin’ new Tough Paw Tags.  These are perfect for your dog, especially if they like to play a little rough sometimes.

  1. Sweet Toy

One of our favorite toys is the Jive Eco Friendly Ball for Dogs.  It is very durable and is a great gift for your pooch! Not to mention it is made right here in the USA and is good for the environment.

Wishing you and your pet a Happy Valentine’s Day!

How do you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your furry friend?

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