What is a Slip Collar?


A slip collar is pretty much what it sounds like – a collar that slips over your dog’s neck. It is an excellent training tool to help your dog learn to behave while walking on a leash.

Slip collars don’t have a traditional buckle closure. They are designed as a loop. One end of the collar is strung through the ring on the other end. A leash can then be easily attached.

Dog wearing a slip collar

How to Use

Slip the collar over your dog’s head and position the ring at the back – scruff – of their neck.

The leash connects to the empty ring.

The collar should be loose and comfortable when your dog is at rest.

When your dog pulls on the leash, the collar will tighten. You should then give a quick, firm tug sideways on the leash and immediately release.

When your dog corrects their behavior, the collar will loosen again.

Why Slip Collars are Effective

The pressure from the collar becoming more snug makes the dog uncomfortable but doesn’t cause any harm. This pressure discourages the dog from pulling on the leash. With enough consistent training, your dog will learn to walk calmly beside you.

Slip collars are a quick, effective and comfortable device for training your dog to head your command.

Slip Collar
Check out this slip collar here!

Types of Slip Collars

Slip collars can be found in many different materials and constructions.



  • With a stopper tab (to ensure the collar doesn’t get too loose)
  • Without a stopper tab
  • Slip Lead (essentially a slip collar with an attached leash)

If you’re having a ruff time training your pup to walk nicely on a leash, a slip collar may just be the solution you’ve been looking for. Check out slip collars and learn more about them here.

To learn about other types of collars and find the best fit for your dog, read our blog on choosing the right collar.

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