Why Spay or Neuter your Pet?


February is National Spay/Neuter Awareness Month. It’s a month where we remind all pet owners that unless you are planning to become a responsible dog breeder, the best option is to spay/neuter your pet.

To shed some light on the subject, we created an infographic that shares all of the benefits that come from caring for your pet through a spay or neuter.

Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

Having pets spayed or neutered helps cut down on the amount of animals that go into shelters each year.


There are also benefits of getting your pet fixed. Neutered male dogs live on average 18% longer and spayed females live 23% longer.

Spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast cancer.

Spaying or neutering also deters aggressive behavior, excessive barking and marking.

The importance of spaying or neutering your pet.

About Shelby Cochran

Shelby Cochran is Director of Operations at dogIDs, where she helps the team move the company forward and also gets to work closely with the marketing and catalog departments. Shelby has a fiery little mutt named Simon as well as an odd cat, Gengar. When she’s not enjoying working with the team at dogIDs, she performs in community theatre productions.

  1. I was surprised to learn that 18% of male dogs and 23% of female dogs live longer after spay and neutering. I want to get a dog for our family in a couple of months and thought it would be smart to start looking up info on taking care of our pet. I’ve heard pros and cons but after seeing your infographic I think it’s a great idea! Thank you for sharing!


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